Pyrocat HD

The following pyrocad hd development times should only to be classed as a guidline.

Film EI 70º 75º 80º
Acros 100 8:00 min 6:30 min 5:15 min
BPF 200 100 8:00 min 6:30 min 5:15 min
Delta 100 125 8:00 min 6:30 min 5:15 min
Efke 25 35 7:00 min 5:30 min 4:00 min
Efke PL 200 100 12:00 min 9:30 min 8:30 min
FP4+ 125 8:30 min 7:15 min 5:15 min
HP5+ 400 10:00 min 8:00 min 6:00 min
J&C; 400 350 10.00 min 8:00 min 6:00 min
TMAX-400 500 10:00 min 8:00 min 6:00 min
TRI-X 320 400 10:00 min 8:00 min 6:00 min


The suggested times assume a 1:1:100 dilution of Pyrocat-HD (One Part A + One Part B + 100 Parts Water), with rotary development in Jobo or BTZS tubes.

Contrast Index
These times, at the temperatures indicated, should give an approximate CI of .56 when measured with a densitometer in blue mode, appropriate for printing on graded silver papers of #2 contrast. For variable contrast silver papers be sure to increase development times by about 35%.

Rotary Processing
When developing with rotary processing, either Jobo or BTZS type tubes, use a minimum of 75 ml of the standard working solution per sheet of 4X5 film, (minimum of 250 ml of working solution for a sheet of 8X10 film). A pre-soak of two minutes is recommended as good practice with rotary processing.

Tray or Tank Development
For developing in tray with shuffle agitation, or in tanks with agitation every 30-60 seconds, increase time of development by about 15%.

Minimal Agitation
Pyrocat-HD gives negatives of very great acutance with minimal agitation. When using minimal agitation be sure to extend development time by about 50% over normal time for rotary processing, and agitate every two or three minutes. Minimal agitation is recommended only when the adjusted development time is about fifteen minutes or more.

The suggested development times are guidelines. Do not hesitate to increase or decrease time of development over the recommended times if your prints have too little or too much contrast.