Pyrocat HD Development Times

Pyrocat HD Development Times

The suggested development times are guidelines. Do not hesitate to increase or decrease time of development over the recommended times if your prints have too little or too much contrast.

1:1:100 dilution of Pyrocat-HD (One Part A + One Part B + 100 Parts Water)

Tank or Tray Development

FilmEI68° F70° F
Acros10018 Min16 Min
Delta 10012512 Min : 25 Sec11 Min : 15 Sec
FP48011 Min10 Min : 45 Sec
HP532015 Min 13 Min: 30 Sec
TMAX 40040015 Min : 31 Sec14 Min
Fomapan 20010012 Min10 Min : 45 Sec

Contrast Index
These times, at the temperatures indicated above, should give an approximate CI of .56 when measured with a densitometer in blue mode, appropriate for printing on VC Silver Paper.

Extreme Minimal Agitation (EMA) (Tank)

Pyrocat HD has also been used very successfully with extreme minimal agitation (EMA) development.

When developing 5×4 sheets, I use the SP-445 daylight tank which uses 495ml of solution and use the following times.

The following times gives very good results when using FP4 and HP5 films. For delta use 5% to 10% less time. The temperature is based on 70 degrees F or (21 degrees C)

DevABAgitate ToRest ToAgitate ToRest ToAgitate ToRest To
N + 1322:0012:3012:5023:0023:2033:30
N + 23.52.53:0015:0015:2527:3027:5539:00
N + 33.52.53:0021:0021:3039:3040:0057:00
N + 4435:0020:0020:4035:4036:2050:00
N – 1322:008:308:5015:0015:2021:30
N – 2321:306:306:5011:5012:1016:30
N – 32.521:309:309:4517:5018:0525:30
N – 42.521:308:008:1514:4515:0021:00
N – 52.521:256:306:4012:0512:1517:00
N – 62.521:255:305:4010:0510:1515:15

Pyrocat HD Semi Stand Development (Tank)

Many developers can be used for this type of non-agitation film processing but at the top of the list, for me anyway, is Pyrocat-HD . This developer can be extremely dilute yet still fully process a film within a few hours.

Expose the film at half its rated ISO. This will ensure good shadow detail. Place the film in the developing tank and pour in the very dilute developer Pyrocat-HD 2:2:500

With Pyrocat-HD, agitate for the first minute and 10 seconds every 10 minutes for a total of 45 minutes at 20 deg. C. This is about right for FP4+ and Tri-X.

Time Temp Conversion Chart

Developing Times Conversion

This chart is provided as a quick and easy guide for users who need to adjust development times for processing temperatures other than 20ºC/68ºF. It is a useful guide for all film/development combinations.